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Intensive 5-month training to become a software developer

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Wild Code School - Lisbon
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Tipologia Curso de aprendizagem
Local Lisboa
Duração 5 Mêses
  • Curso de aprendizagem
  • Lisboa
  • Duração:
    5 Mêses

Do you want to become a software developer? The Wild Code School and Emagister offer with this intensive training in only 5 months.

Thanks to this intensive formation you have the possibility to certify your skills in computer science. At the end of each training session, our instructors review the course material and update the training benchmarks to ensure we are always at the cutting edge of job market requirements.

This training has been meticulously designed in an extremely effective way allowing you to acquire the largest range of skills in the shortest possible time.

Don't miss this opportunity and register yourself on Emagister's website and receive the detailed programme of this formation without any obligation.

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Instalações e datas
Início Localização
Rua do Conde de Redondo 145, 1150298, Lisboa, Portugal
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Início Consultar
Rua do Conde de Redondo 145, 1150298, Lisboa, Portugal
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· Quais são os objetivos deste curso?

At the end of the training course, you will be able to design and develop a web application, integrate agile project management methods, and you will be able to understand client’s requirements and provide clear and constructive feedback. You will, of course, be proficient in HTML and CSS, and you will possess specialized knowledge of a programming language and an application framework: PHP/Symfony, JavaScript/AngularJS/Vue.js/React or Java/Android/J2EE, depending on the programmes offered by our different schools.

· Público alvo

At Wild Code School we have set up an application process open to all, consisting of three main steps designed to test your appetite for software development and your motivation to become an enthusiastic developer.

· Requisitos

Wild Code School is open to everyone without any requirement concerning previous academic achievements. The only criterion required to join our coding is to be of age, irrespective of whether you have studied 5 years in higher education after the high school or if you left high school before graduating. At present, 15% of our students do not have the high school leaving certificate, 30% have this diploma but not more, and 12% have a qualification certifying 5 years study after high school. No prior computer skills are required.

· O que distingue este curso dos outros?

Wild Code School provides 100% professionally oriented qualifications so that you are immediately operational after completing the training. You will be able to enhance this training with an internship (depending on the school), which the school will help you to find. And, above all, we will be teaching you how to learn. You will consequently develop the mental agility you need to organize your technological vigil, continue to deepen your understanding, learn other technologies, and new programming languages.

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5.0 26/03/2019
Sobre o curso: I found this excellent Wild Code School im Madrid. Slection is quite challenging with online excersises and two interviews.
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4.0 26/03/2019
Sobre o curso: Maria was a great lady who gave me complete professional assistance. I did my interview successfully and now Iam a student at this school. I feel great about it.
Recomendarias esse curso?: Sim
5.0 25/03/2019
Sobre o curso: I felt amazing when got know about it. This course will get me great skills for marketing job prepration.
Recomendarias esse curso?: Sim
5.0 24/03/2019
Sobre o curso: Out of so many institutes I have visited, I found this Wild Code School amazing. Their curriculum and approach felt great to me.They include the online module assignments which were quite impressive. Then there were two interviews as well. Ithe institute seemed quite passionate. A very amazing thing was that they had their ending projects with a real company. When I finally visited the college I found it great and and I can't wait to join the university.
Recomendarias esse curso?: Sim
4.0 24/03/2019
Sobre o curso: My experience with Wild Code School has been so far amazing and excellent. The staff is very much appeciable for their cooperation and support. Specially Ana Sofia was a great lady. The school provides you with scholorships vis online, final and assignments and two interview rounds. I got a very professional guidance about which Iam very happy. Overall I had amazing experience.
Recomendarias esse curso?: Sim
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Web Development
Computer Languages
Web Developer
MVC frameworks


Our specialized computer languages HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, C+, etc., there are almost as many computer languages as human languages spoken in the world! It’s easy to get lost, especially when you’re a beginner in web development. .At Wild Code School, we teach the technologies that are currently the most sought-after in the job market: PHP/Symfony, JavaScript/React/Angular/ Vue.js/NodeJs and Java/J2EE/Android.
JavaScript FullStack web developer
A little history
The JavaScript programming language was created in 1995 in just 10 days! Its inventor, Brendan Eich (the future CTO of Mozilla) was an engineer working for Netscape Communications. He was inspired by Java and C to create a language with a more accessible syntax, especially for beginners. The company capitalized on the reputation of the Java computer language by choosing a very similar name, which still creates many confusions between the two Java and JavaScript computer languages, which are however extremely different.Considered for some time as a language used by amateurs, and frequently misunderstood, JavaScript came back in force in the middle of the 2000s. As the exponential use of MVC frameworks (e.g.: Angular JS) introduced good practices, the appearance of libraries (e.g.: JQuery), and the ability to use server-side JavaScript (Node) helped to popularize this computer language and to make it a web staple and the most used language on Github.In particular, this language is used by Facebook, which developed React, a free JavaScript library, by Google, which developed the Angular framework, or Vue JS developed by a former Google employee.JavaScript FullStack language at Wild Code SchoolJoin a JavaScript developer training course at the Wild Code School:
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Brussels
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Berlin
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Paris
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Madrid
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Lisbon
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Bordeaux
  • JavaScript/JEE developer training in La Loupe
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Lyon
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Toulouse
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Nantes
  • JavaScript/React developer training in Marseille
  • JavaScript/Angular developer training in Tours

PHP/Symfony web developer
A little history
The history of PHP began in 1994 when Rasmus Lerdorf created a software library in C to keep track of people who visited his website to consult his CV. He gradually added new functionalities until he was able to create dynamic applications for the web. He published his code in 1995, which was subsequently reviewed by two students, Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski, until it became a full-fledged programming language in 1998!PHP has the advantage of being very simple for beginners, while offering advancedfeatures for more experienced people. It now accounts for almost 80% of the websites developed worldwide: this language has been used to code many well known pages such as as Wikipedia or Facebook. PHP is a language very widely used in France thanks, in particular, to the Symfony framework, produced by the French web agency SensioLabs in 2005.The PHP language at Wild Code SchoolJoin a PHP/Symfony developer training course at the Wild Code School:
  • PHP/Symfony developer training in Bordeaux
  • PHP/Symfony developer training in Lille
  • PHP/Symfony developer training in Lyon
  • PHP/Symfony developer training in Orléans
  • PHP/Symfony developer training in Strasbourg

Java / J2EE / Android mobile web developer
A little history
The Java language was created in 1995 byJames Gosling and Patrick Naughton,twoemployees of Sun Microsystems, using the syntax of the C++ language widely used by computer scientists. The name of Java was chosen because it means ‘coffee’ in American slang, the developers’ favourite drink!This language was developed to create software capable of being ported to different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, UNIX or GNU/Linux. Several frameworks make this possible, like the Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) framework.Starting in 2012, the Oracle Company, which now owns the rights to the Java language, wanted to offer Java solutions on embedded software. Java is today the main language used to develop Google mobile applications with Android.The Java/J2EE/Android language at Wild Code SchoolJoin a Java/J2EE/Android developer training course at Wild Code School:
  • Java/J2EE/Android developer training in Toulouse