Sketchup 3D beginner to intermediate, basics and training




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"SketchUp is a powerful 3D modeling tool with robust features that allows designers to explore and communicate projects, import and export various file formats and create interactive presentations. This is a widely used software in the world, especially by architects, landscape architects but also for the presentation of events, the design of 3D objects ...

SketchUp models are composed of lines and faces. Non parametric 3D modeling software. In SketchUp, you are not limited to creating walls, slabs, roofs ... You draw edges that, when they touch the ends in a closed outline and when they are in the same plane, create automatically a face.

The advantages of Sketchup

- SketchUp is a simple, fast and intuitive software compared to other 3D modeling software.

- You can already make simple models after only a few hours of learning.

- SketchUp makes it possible to produce models made of few faces and therefore very light.

- Because of its non-parametric modeling principle, SketchUp is suitable for many uses.

- It has an extensive collection of free components with the 3D Warehouse

- The free version already offers a large number of possibilities

- There are a lot of plugins, many of which are free like Twilight rendering to create realistic renderings

Do you want to work in architecture, in landscaping? Want to create 3D renderings? Do you just want to draw your future home? This course is for you and will help you achieve your goals.

Check out this comprehensive course that will help you learn Sketchup. You will first learn how to use the different tools one by one. Then you will learn how to create a house project from the beginning to the end, that is to say the plan until the end of the 3D modeling, which will allow to see all the possibilities of Sketchup.


Informação importante

Quais são os objetivos da formação?: "Understand the dashboard
Master the different tools
Understand 3D reeindering
Create a 2D plan
Create a complete house project
Use the 3D warehouse
Design a garden"

Esta formação é para mim?: "Particular for personnal projects

Requisitos: You need to have Sketchup 3D on your computer






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"The basics of Sketchup
Place the toolbox
The three axes
The views
The shadows
Start and open document
Save and export
Move in you work space
Difference between edges and faces
Design tools
Rectangle tool
Circle tool
Line tool
Freehand tool
Arc tools
Push/pull tool
Offset tool
Follow me tool
Eraser tool
Scale tool
Move tool
Tape measure tool
Add text and dimension
Insert text and 3D text
Dimension tool
Color and material
Insert color and material
Insert texture from your computer
The components
Create component
Explode component
Edit component from 3D Warehouse
The groups
Make unique component
3D Warehouse
3D warehouse
Sections and scenes
Section plan
Add scenes
3D shapes rendering
Create a sphere
Create a cone
create a pyramid
Create a diamond
Create a ring
Training create a sofa
Create a sofa part 1
Create a sofa part 2
Training Design of house step by step
House project 2D plan
Insert the places of the door
Insert the doors to your blocks
Create the openings of the windows
Create windows
Create the roof
Garden design part 1
Garden design part 2"

Sketchup 3D beginner to intermediate, basics and training