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Certificate of achievement in Nutrition Level 5. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 150 CPD points available with no extra study.The course comes with easy to understand e-learning study materials.

All over the world, the general public is becoming increasingly aware of the contribution dietary habits make to overall human health. We are what we eat – the way we approach our daily diets having a marked impact on every aspect of health and wellbeing. The importance of dietary balance has prompted millions of adults on a global basis to begin taking their dietary habits more seriously, proactively monitoring and controlling what goes into their bodies. Nevertheless, it takes the advice and support of professional nutritionists to steer health-conscious individuals in the right direction.

Diet and Nutrition Diploma Level 5

Diploma in Diet and Nutrition Level 5 Certificate of Achievement. Explore the increasingly important role of the professional nutrition advisor and build valuable skills for life with this exclusive Diploma in Diet and Nutrition. Discover why it is that qualified nutritionists are in greater demand on a global basis than ever before and begin working towards a rewarding career for life.

The pace of modern life is making it increasingly difficult for the general public to achieve true dietary balance – the input of capable and qualified nutritionists often making all the difference.

Informação importante

Quais são os objetivos da formação?:
A solid understanding of the basics of human nutrition
How the digestive system impacts overall human health and wellbeing
The confidence to help and advise those with common eating disorders
How to offer help and support to people with different dietary requirements
The way in which women’s dietary requirements differ throughout life
An understanding of the direct connection between diet and disease
The way in which dietary balance affects the immune system
A variety of essential weight loss and weight management concepts
How diet can affect the aging process, internally and externally.

Preço para usuários Emagister: On successful completion of the course you can pay the Endorsed/Accreditation certificate fee in order to claim the certificate.

Requisitos: There is no particular entry requirement.




Distance Learning


Dezembro Inscrições abertas



  • Public
  • Global
  • Nutrition
  • Balanced Diet
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Diet and nutrition control
  • Diet
  • Energy Balance
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Nutrition Management
  • Diet and Disease
  • Counting Calories


Unit 1 An Overview of Nutrition

  • What is Nutrition?
  • What Are Nutrients?
  • Units of Energy
  • Daily Energy Requirements
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • The Whole Food Nutrition
  • Specifics of a whole Food Diet
  • Plus more

Unit 2 Basics of Nutrition-I

  • Macro-Nutrients
  • Types of Carbs
  • Protein Intake in the Diet
  • Antioxidants and Preservatives
  • Terms used on Food Labels
  • Plus more

Unit 3 Basics of Nutrition- II

  • Micronutrients
  • B5 ( Pantothenic Acid)
  • B6 ( Pyridoxine)
  • B9 ( Folic Acid)
  • Minerals
  • Health Supplements
  • Special Nutrients
  • Fibre
  • Plus more

Unit 4 Digestion and Detoxification

  • What is Digestion?
  • Stress and Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Plus more

Unit 5 Eating Disorders

  • What are Eating Disorders?
  • Common Eating Disorders
  • Treatment for Eating Disorders
  • Anorexia
  • Causes of Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Geophagy
  • Disordered Eating
  • Eating According to a Set Time
  • Eating by Food Types
  • Plus more

Unit 6 Balancing Diet

  • Background for a Balanced Diet
  • Balanced Diet
  • How to Count Calories in Food
  • Well-Balanced Die
  • Maintaining a Healthy, Balanced Diet
  • Plus more

Unit 7 Principles of Healthy Eating

  • Choosing the Right Food
  • Sources of Protein
  • Caffeinated Drinks
  • Water/ Fluid
  • Different Cooking Methods
  • Plus more

Unit 8 Nutrition and the Immune System

  • Immune System
  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Causes Food Allergies and Intolerances
  • How Allergies Develop
  • Symptoms
  • Preventing Food Allergies
  • Plus more

Unit 9 Diet and Disease

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Plus more

Unit 10 Women’s Health

  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • PMS or PMT
  • Menopause
  • Nutrition
  • Osteoporosis
  • Plus more

Unit 11 Nutrition Requirements for Different Peoples

  • Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Stages of Weaning
  • Low-Fat, low-Calorie and high-Fibre
  • Nutrition for Children
  • Key Nutrients and Dietary Sources
  • Importance of a Healthy Diet
  • Nutrition Issues
  • Factors that Affect Nutrition
  • Food Sources of Important Nutrients
  • Plus more

Unit 12 Weight Control Management

  • Healthy Weight
  • Energy Balance
  • Counting Calories
  • Balanced Diet and Weight Control
  • Adopting Active Lifestyles
  • Calorie Requirement
  • Plus more

Unit 13 Weight Loss Management

  • Benefits of Weight Loss
  • Weight Loss Motivation
  • Psychological Factors
  • Developing Weight Loss Motivation
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Weight Gain
  • Other Causes
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Weight Loss Diet
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Plus more

Unit 14 Anti-Aging Formulas

  • The Science of Nutrition
  • Antioxidants
  • Lymphatic System and Health
  • Skin Conditions
  • Plus more

Unit 15 The Role of Nutritionist

  • Psychological Factors
  • Barriers to Understanding
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Weight Reduction
  • Tools of Trade
  • Plus more

Informação adicional

Diet and Nutrition is a field with limitless scope for self-employment and freelance job opportunities. Alternatively, successful candidates may pursue a more formal position such as: Sports Nutritionist Health Coach Holistic Nutritionist Public Health Nutritionist


Preço Emagister

30,16 € 881,67 €

*Preço indicativo

Montante original em GBP:

£ 26 £ 760