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Master online in Fashion Management


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Emagister adds to its catalogue the Rome Business School’s Master in Fashion Management, the programme is ideal for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these discipline, leading to a successful global career in the the global fashion market.

The Rome Business School’s Master Online in Fashion Management is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the global fashion market. With the Rome Business School’s international perspective, the programme offers a unique learning experience and a global professional exposure, enabling participants to study in one of the best cities in the world or online. The Rome Business School’s Master in Fashion Management is geared to provide all the tools necessary to interpret, forecast, and follow this sector’s phases and trends, and is aimed at young professionals, managers and entrepreneurs in the fashion, design, and luxury industries who wish to acquire the ability to interpret the evolution of this special market, setting up and maintaining successful businesses.

In addition, being this master in online version, you can have a quality learning anywhere! We have more than 10 years in online learning education and we are member of Grupo Planeta deAgostini, leader in providing programs in online mode, our “distance” courses offer all the contents of classroom learning, in order to use a complete and professionalizing experience.

Informação importante

Quais são os objetivos da formação?: At the end of the course of study, the participants will learn to:

Identify, analyze, and understand the fashion sector’s characteristics, its market trends and their evolution; identify and develop effective managerial strategies for fashion sector businesses;
1. Learn and understand the specificities and differences between the various types of production and organization in fashion, haute couture and fast fashion businesses;
2. Develop a business plan for fashion companies or for their own fashion product/business3. Identify and understand the specificities of the various types of products in the clothing, accessories, jewelry, home and beauty contexts;
3. Analyze and perfect offline, online, and performance integrated fashion system strategies pertaining to marketing, branding and communication;
4. Identify, analyze and understand the innovative technologies, materials, and distribution opportunities found in the fashion sector;
5. Learn and know how to utilize brand monitoring tools suited to continuously work on the constant improvement of a fashion brand’s storytelling and reputation;
6. Utilize the experience acquired during company visits and interactions with industry professionals to build their own professional networks in the fashion market.

Esta formação é para mim?: The Master Course in Fashion Management is designed both for those who are already professionally employed in the fashion industry and wish to update their competencies and acquire new ones in the field, and for those who intend to get a specialisation before their first experience in the industry.

Thus, typical attendee profiles are:

graduates interested in specialising in fashion management and therefore in acquiring the specific competencies needed to operate in this context;
entrepreneurs interested in launching or revitalising a retail business focussed on the sale of clothing, accessories, jewellery, and home and beauty products;
designers and stylists who also wish to acquire managerial competencies related to the management, distribution, and communication of their own brand or collection;
managers, professionals, and consultants seeking to specialise in the fashion industry.

Requisitos: All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency.

Para realizar este curso deves ter o seguinte nível de estudos: AS Level, A Level, BTEC, HND or HNC, NVQ (Level 1-5), Bachelor's Degree, Professional Diploma, Masters, Ph.D






Out-2020 Inscrições abertas

O que se aprende nesse curso?

  • Market
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Fashion Management
  • Business Plan
  • Project Management
  • Business School
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Fashion Product
  • Business


Rome Business School’s Master Online in Fashion Management is structured to provide participants with a thorough preparation for the Fashion sector and crucial aspects of other related fields, starting with a wide overview of the broader management world and then proceeding to analyze all the specific subjects and aspects of Fashion, also providing an in-depth insight into innovative and responsible leadership, its trends, and best practices, as well as how they can be effectively applied to the fashion industry.

The Fashion Market

  • The fashion industry and its evolution in various cultural and geographical contexts;
  • The fashion system: types of businesses (from haute couture to fast fashion)
  • Elements of consumer sociology
  • Elements of fashion history

Managerial Competencies

  • Business strategy and company organisation
  • Economics and company management
  • Marketing management
  • Digital marketing
  • Accounting and management control
  • Project Management
  • Business Planning
  • Human resource management

Fashion Products

  • Menswear, womenswear, childrenswear
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Home
  • Beauty and personal care

Fashion Touch Points and Communication Strategies

  • Targeting, experiential branding, and holistic marketing in fashion
  • Luxury Fashion: direct marketing, heritage marketing, ambient marketing, and packaging
  • Naming, branding and guidelines for their use
  • Visual Branding and Creative Direction: expressing exclusivity
  • Public relations, the press office, and institutional communication for fashion
  • Analysis and design of web-based supports, and elements of SEO
  • Social networking in the fashion sector
  • Brand monitoring for fashion
  • Retail branding: point of sale furnishing and layout
  • Shows and events

Technological innovation in Fashion

  • Point of sale and interfaces
  • Materials
  • Online presence and mobile app functionality
  • E-commerce and new forms of distribution

Fashion in the Made in Italy domain

  • Case histories, company visits and testimonials

Informação adicional

Career Opportunities With our help, you can create your career strategy via a journey of self-reflection, exploration, and achievement. This program is designed to help you build a solid path towards a succesful career and professional future as well as to find opportunities in line with your ambitions and expectations. In particular, the school offers the following services to the enrolled students: Individual Career Counselling Meeting Rome Business School’s Official Career Portal Professional Workshops Rome Business School’s Talent Focus
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