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Master of Science in International Hospitality Business

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"Glion Institute of Higher Education is ranked as one of the best Hospitality Management Schools in the World with 6 campuses in different continents.
Our unique Business Degree curriculum (accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)) was developed to merge the Swiss hospitality Education Tradition, Savoir-Faire, of hands-on learning methods with contemporary industry knowledge and university academics based in four distinct academic pillars: the Professional Development, Practical Arts, Entrepreneurship and General Education.
Glion’s programs will develop your professional skills and knowledge, enabling you to take on leading roles across a range of industries. It includes the fundamentals of industry standards, operations, administration, internships and business courses with industry-related specializations. Our entrepreneurship courses will teach you the fundamental attributes you need – including managerial finance, marketing and finance so you can become a Leader of a complex business.
One of the greatest testaments to Glion’s reputation is our solid connection with leading brands in the International Hospitality Industry. event sectors and Luxury Brands. Indeed, more than one hundred international companies visit our campuses every year to recruit talented new hires.
Hospitality careers can take off in many exciting directions, including luxury brand management, entertainment, sports, resorts, travel and tourism and many more! For hospitality graduates, the industry is continuing to provide and offering lots of career development opportunities. "

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· Quais são os objetivos deste curso?

Our MSc in International Hospitality Business will prepare you to lead a high-flying career in the world’s most prestigious international hospitality chains. Offered in Switzerland and London, this program will give you the skills for managing people, operations and business in hotels and hospitality companies. The higher-level management courses in hospitality include finance, marketing, human resources, and revenue management, taught by our industry-experienced faculty members who bring their expertise and best-practice examples to the classroom. The program ends with an internship, providing you with hands-on experience and a chance to practice your new skills in a real work environment.

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O que se aprende nesse curso?

International Business
Study Abroad
International Hospitality Business


Semester 1

• Hospitality Immersion Program (Optional)
• Managing Hospitality and Luxury Operations
• International Hospitality and Service Marketing
• Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis
• Revenue Management and Digital Distribution Strategy
• Leadership and Intercultural Management
• Business field trip to a European City

Semester 2

• Hospitality Business Strategies and Innovation
• International Talent Management
• Hospitality Corporate Finance
• Business Research Methods
• Project Management Methods
• Advanced Revenue and Demand Management
• Digital Transformation and Data Analytics

Semester 3

• 6-month Internship
• Capstone Project