Diploma in Viral Marketing

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  • Excellent training course and almost immediate responses from both the trainer and the staff. Highly recommend!

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"This is a live online interactive course"

Discover how to gain massive traffic!

Digital marketers all wish to create something that will go viral. To do this, you must tell your story through amazing content that speaks directly to your target audience. Viral Marketing is all about getting content to spread on the web using real people to spread it.

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Philip Walker

O melhor: Excellent training course and almost immediate responses from both the trainer and the staff. Highly recommend!
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Curso realizado: Fevereiro 2017
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  • Marketing
  • Web
  • Writing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Analyzing
  • Facebook
  • Success
  • YouTube
  • Story Telling
  • Tell Stories


  • LESSON 1: Successful Story Telling Made Easy

This course starts with a case study of Content and Viral Marketing (CVM) where you will see that telling your story is straightforward—say the important topic, know who were telling it to, and how do you spread it like wildfire.

  • LESSON 2: The Right Audience to Tell Stories

Time is gold so there is no reason to waste it on people who are never going to buy what you are selling. In this lesson, you will know how to identify your target audience and tailor your message to their pain points. We always assume Content is King” but knowing your audience defeats your King every time.

  • LESSON 3: If You Build It They Will Come

After finding your target audience, what should you do? It’s simple but essential—you must create amazing stories that people would want to invest in. We will teach you the essentials of telling a story and how to setup a blog to increase traffic and engagement. We will also tackle visual content and blogging and see how a great story told the right way can create growth and profits.

  • LESSON 4: Build Your Lead Flow using Facebook

Telling your stories using images, text, and video could grow your lead exponentially. People do business with others and the key element in this is trust. In this lesson, we look at Facebook and how to deliver your message to people both organically and through promoted posts. We will also see the power of native advertising and how to use it.

  • LESSON 5: Go Viral with Overnight Success using Youtube

Sometimes even just a simple content can help you get overnight success. In this lesson, we show you how to setup a YouTube channel and create and post your content. What we will soon find out is that the visual space is very important in content marketing. We will learn how some have increased their sales to 1000% through viral content, including our own example with Adams Academy.

  • LESSON 6: Allow Your Writing do the Marketing

Why do we need to create all this content? It’s to make sure we drive profitability and other positive metrics through marketing efforts. If you can’t close sales with your content, ten all your effort and resources will be in vain. So in this lesson, you will learn how to get the audience to engage with your content through the signup memberships, newsletters, email marketing and then becoming a paying customer.

  • LESSON 7: Converting and Analyzing Your Traffic

Customers now search Google to find businesses. So what we need to do is position ourselves correctly to be found. In this lesson, we discuss the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in getting your customers see you online and how content is a key aspect of it. We will show how to optimize content using paid and organic search engine marketing (SEM). To help guide us, we will use Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, which show us what converts.

  • LESSON 8: Create Your Techniques to Keep Them Coming Back

Without a careful strategy, your marketing efforts will not be successful. Businesses want to build a long-term relationship with their customers and content marketing gives that opportunity. With user generated content (UGC), you can have your customers create marketing content for you and sustain engagement for your brand.

To evaluate a student’s capability to grasp and potential to understand the topics provided in our course, we have a couple of interactive quizzes at the end of each module.


After successful completion of the course, our students can buy a CPD Certificate of Achievement from Adams Academy.

The certificate is given in PDF format. If any of our students want a hard copy of the certificate, it is available for an additional fee.


  1. Discover how your functional capabilities and knowledge can be applied directly to Viral Marketing.
  2. Students can attend eight live interactive online lessons over four weeks. Students can also use our 24/7 on-demand access to study at their pace and convince.
  3. Students can interact with our lecturers on fully interactive bonus Question and Answer session.
  4. Our content is produced, provided and supported by industry-leading instructors.
  5. We offer our students complete support during and after the completion of the course.
  6. Certificate and accredited diploma are available for any students who want to buy it after successful completion of the course. It is attention grabbing for CV.
  7. No previous knowledge necessary for this course, it is suitable for all levels. It is a centre where all like-minded students come here to gain knowledge.


To excel at your academics, it is always advised to have an instructor guide and help you throughout the course. As part of our Diploma course, we give our students full access to our dedicated tutor support service here the instructor will guide you or erase any doubt via email or phone throughout our course.


Nowadays a lot of people are using their web while travelling around during the day, so have designed our course based on their compatibility. Our course is fully compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone devices. Our web can be accessed over 3G or 4G network while you are on the move.

Diploma in Viral Marketing

Preço Emagister

18 € 498 € IVA

*Preço indicativo

Montante original em GBP:

£ 15 £ 420