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" BIM Training. The rollout of BIM (Building Information Modelling) across the built environment industry is continuing apace. Obtain the knowledge and develop the skills to meet the current and forthcoming requirements with BIM Training Course.

This is a beginners training course in the management principles for Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects.

Looking to redirect your career by managing BIM projects? Or maybe you’re seeking career enhancement in your current firm or want to become more competitive in the job market. Be one of the first to understand the requirements to operate BIM.

The BIM Training course is one of THE most comprehensive, cost-effective BIM courses you’ll find on the web.

It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to start putting together professional building information management systems that engage clients and other construction industry professionals, call them to action, and ultimately boost your career in this new and increasing used area!

If you’re looking for a genuinely effective course that equips you to understand BIM and enhancing your career in the process, this is guaranteed to be the number one course for you.

By outlining the fundamentals of Building Information Modelling (BIM), these tutorials provide clear road map for construction and design practitioners eager to learn the requirements to operate and work in this environment. Understand BIM’s drivers and impacts, key standards, and how to implement it to achieve your projects objectives.


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Quais são os objetivos da formação?: "These tutorials will prepare to:
Work in a Common Data Environment
Understand and Manage the Information Delivery Cycle.
Understand drawings Management and Level of Detail
Implement BIM Protocols and Standards
Understand the fundamentals of BIM Level 2 compliance.
Understand the key BIM standards and how to work towards compliance.
Develop an organisation and supply chain to deliver BIM capability.
Understand and Implement COBie
Identify the opportunities and issues represented by the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM)."

Esta formação é para mim?: The tutorials are aimed at architects, engineers, mechanical, electrical, services engineers and other professionals, contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, directors, managers and business-owners, in all sectors of the construction and infrastructure industries.

Requisitos: An interest in Building Information Modeling (BIM)






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"Introduction to BIM
Topics Covered and Learning Objectives
What does BIM mean to you?
What is BIM?
What is BIM
Definition of the Problem
Construction Challenges and Problems
The Solution Framework - BIM Solutions
The Solution Framework - BIM Project Guidance and Results
The Solutions Framework - Research and Reports
The Solution Framework - Relevant Organisations and Documentation
Definition of the Problem
BIM Elevator and Maturity Matrix
Publicily Available Specification
BIM Elevator Model
Information Delivery Cycle
BIM Level 2 Requirements
Contracts Documents
Information Management Documents
BIM Elevator
BIM in Practice
Common Information and Data Environment
Drawings Management
Protocol and Procedures
Level of Detail and Volumes
Plain Language Questions
Benefits of BIM - Essential Requirements
BIM in Practice
COBie - Construction Operators Building Information Exchange
What is COBie?
COBie Presentation Format
COBie Data Model
COBie Spreadsheet

BIM Training